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Our Customers' Testimonials!

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Our customer's love us and here is what they have to say about us...
July 2012

Ron Randall was and is a very efficient sales person. I've dealt with Ron several times in the past and recommend him to all my friends. Ron has a lot of pride in his job!

July 2012

Kevin Sexton was excellent. He was friendly,personable,not pushy and we really like the Tucson!

August 2012

Larry Todd was very congenial and did not rush us. We made a fair,but substantially less than sticker price,offer which was accepted without additional negotiation. We're very pleased with the vehicle,financial arrangements,and dealer team. There was no aspect of the process that made us uncomfortable and we'll return if the need arises.

April 2012

I have only had ny car for a week,so far it drives like a dream and is everything I wanted...beautiful automobile!!!!

April 2012

Hyundai of Somerset is the GREATEST!!! The only reason we traded to a Santa Fe was because we sold our old pickup and wanted one vehicle for total use....We loved the Sonata too....

March 2012

Great experience,excellent treatment!
Danny-Russell Springs,KY

April 2012

I love my car, Perry Johnson was very helpful,there was no pressure and everyone made us feel very comfortable. We looked at several different car lots,but choice this one and we are very glad we did.
Gary-Science Hill,KY

April 2012

I love my Veloster. I own a collision repair shop and drive most of the vehicles on the road today and this vehicle was my first choice for personal ownership.

April 2012

I don't think there is a finer Hyundai Dealership in the state of Kentucky, we have purchased 3 Hyundai vehicles so far and we are looking for one for our son as well. We have had several friends and family purchase new/used cars from this dealership and all are very pleased. I'm quite sure our future vehicle will be a Hyundai and it will be purchased at the Hyundai store of Somerset.

April 2012

I LOVE our new Hyundai! Great car,Great price,Great service! I am confident that we will be a Hyundai family for a long time to come!

Oct. 2011

Best we have ever been treated while buying a car.
Frank & Nancy-Corbin,KY

Sept. 2011

Thank you so much for helping me select my very first "on my own" car purchase. You were beyond nice and so helpful. All my city friends want to buy cars from you now. You're top notch! Thanks again! Warmest regards.