A History Lesson About Horsepower

The team at Hyundai of Somerset is often asked about what horsepower means. Although we have all heard the term, few of us really understand its origins and the meaning behind it. Here is a little history lesson that might shed a little light on the topic.

During the 18th century, it was James Watt, a designer of steam engines, who first coined the term. In his quest to increase sales, he searched for a means of impressing buyers with the strength of his steam engines by providing a measurement of their power. Horsepower was the result.

Working in a coal mine with small horses, Watt devised his measurement to represent the amount of weight a pony could pull in a single minute. This amounted to roughly 33 pounds.

So, when you hear anyone speaking of horsepower, now you will have a better idea what they are talking about.

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