Explore Front-Wheel and Rear-Wheel Drive Systems

We proudly offer this blog to educate our local customers. Use it to learn more about cars and make better buying decisions. Today's post compares front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive systems.

Front-wheel and rear-wheel drive are the two widest-used drive systems. Each one transfers horsepower to the road's surface. The front-wheel-drive does so by moving the horsepower through the car's front wheels, and rear-wheel drive uses the car's rear wheels. Each design offers advantages. If you choose a front-wheel-drive car, you can typically save money on initial price due to its lower production cost. By choosing a rear-wheel-drive model, you can own a car with larger, sturdier transmission parts. Commuters gain year-round traction confidence in front-wheel-drive cars, but touring enthusiasts who choose rear-wheel drive gain dry-day handling.

Come to Hyundai of Somerset to fully evaluate both drive systems. We will gladly provide multiple test drives from our broad selection.



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