Two Useful Hyundai Kona Safety Features

Now that the team at Hyundai of Somerset have been able to check out the new Hyundai Kona, we wanted to share with our audience a few safety features that make this popular small SUV the vehicle to own this year.

The way that the Lane-Keeping System helps keep a driver safe on the roads is by way of radar technology. Sensors are scanning the road surface to identify the location of the vehicle compared to the lane lines, so if drifting occurs you'll get a warning to correct your position.

If another vehicle has moved into the blind spot while driving your Hyundai Kona on the highway, you will be alerted to avoid moving into that lane. The sensors mounted behind your vehicle can spot the car in an adjacent lane, then trigger an alert that goes to your side mirror, so you know when flashing, to avoid moving in that direction until clear.



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