A Car Needs to Be Ready for Winter

The arrival of winter brings many challenges to car owners. The best time to deal with winter weather is long before it appears. Properly preparing a car for the winter season could eliminate a host of problems.

Dead batteries, for example, prove troubling in inclement weather. Is your battery edging towards the age of replacement? Maybe you should buy a new one before the weather dips. And you don't want to keep aged coolant in the radiator. Coolant that is past is expiration date breaks down and may cease to be effective. The damage that can occur in freezing weather could total a vehicle. Check when your coolant exchange is due. If you are past due or near that point, change the fluid. Have all the fluids checked to see if they need changing.

Winter fall harshly on our town and all the cars in it. If you want winter preparation service, bring the vehicle to us over at Hyundai of Somerset.



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