Why Extreme Weather Stresses Vehicle Batteries

Do you ever wonder why your vehicle's battery always seems to die in the winter? It's not just winter that's tough on batteries; it's summer too. In fact, extreme temperatures of any kind in the local area can stress your battery and cause it to lose power. Here's why.

The culprit is the lead-acid located inside the battery. In extreme cold, the capacity of the battery can drop about 20 percent when the temperature is many degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Similarly, when summer temperatures are way over 100 in the summer, capacity increases by 12 percent. This situation also stressed the battery, which shortens its life.

No matter what time of year it is, it's important that your vehicle battery is checked on a regular basis to determine its useful life. Every time you bring your car into Hyundai of Somerset, our staff will check it and advise you on its capacity.



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