Troubleshooting Spongy Brakes

An improperly functioning brake pedal is one of the most disconcerting vehicle issues any driver can face. A properly working brake pedal should feel firm, rather than spongy and soft. There are a few distinct primary causes of a soft brake pedal including air or damage to the brake line.

Cylinder and caliper issues can also cause the brake pedal to break down over time and start to feel soft when pressed. Any of these issues can place yourself and passengers in potentially hazardous situations, and so they must be addressed immediately.

The brake experts and enthusiasts at Hyundai of Somerset are standing by ready to answer any and all questions you have about brakes and the function they provide. Our team of trained professionals welcomes the opportunity to service your vehicle and to give you 100 percent confidence in any driving condition. We look forward to serving you today!



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