Why Your Car's Brake Pads Need Replacing Regularly

The team at Hyundai of Somerset wanted to take a few minutes and help educate motorists as to the importance of having the brakes in your vehicle inspected and serviced regularly. Here is a brief explanation as to how the brakes pads work on your vehicle.

To bring your vehicle to a safe stop, the rotors are attached to each wheel, and the calipers are attached to each rotor. The brake pads work like a buffer in between the rotor and caliper, and apply pressure to the rotor as the brake pedal is depressed.

The more time that passes between inspections, the more brake pad material wears away. The more brake pad material wearing away, the more likely metal-to-metal will begin damaging the brake rotors. By having the brakes inspected on a regular basis, it will be less likely that the system experiences damage and that the brakes operate effectively when needed.



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