Why You Shouldn't Drive the Speed Limit in the Rain

In your driver's education classes, you were probably taught to go a few miles below the speed limit when it rains. Failing to heed this advice can cause your car to suddenly hydroplane. You could lose control of braking and steering when water splashes against your car faster than the car's weight can ward off the water.

Whenever it begins to rain, you should slow down by 5-10 mph. Subtract 5-10 mph from each speed limit sign you see to keep yourself at a safer speed and to decrease your chances of hydroplaning or wrecking the vehicle. Also slow down if you see a heavy stream of water ahead. You don't want to drive through streams of water, because it's dangerous. Never accelerate quickly when it's raining either. Accelerating too quickly can cause hydroplaning.

Driving below the speed limit in the rain is important to reduce your risk of hydroplaning and losing control over the vehicle. Reach out to our dealership Hyundai of Somerset in Somerset, KY if you have any questions or your vehicle is in need of servicing.

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