Get Comfortable in the Hyundai Sonata

Along with its sleek and stylish interior, the Hyundai Sonata features an interior that can be described as comfortable, convenient and current with the modern times. The vehicle’s interior is designed to take some of the stress out of fighting traffic while greatly enhancing your driving experience. This popular midsize car can be yours after you’ve visited Hyundai of Somerset for a test drive.

Standard models include cloth upholstery seats that can seat up to five people. Each seat has the right amount of support and cushioning to make everyone feel comfortable and secure. The front seats include side bolstering that can be especially helpful when taking long road trips beyond the city limits.

The 7-inch touchscreen display is another feature that enhances the Hyundai Sonata’s interior. This display can be activated to play music from the six-speaker sound system. Bluetooth connection and USB charging are other features that can be accessed with the touchscreen display.



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